BPPV Treatment

Treating BBPV

When you experience spinning or the world around you is moving while you are in a still position, then this is known as vertigo.

The Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BBPV is a problem resulted in the inner ear. Usually, the problem results in brief vertigo spells that are fluctuating.

In some cases, BBPV goes away in course of few weeks, but it may come back again. If the problem of BBPV persists longer, then it becomes essential to seek appropriate treatment for it. So, if you wish to know the various BBPV treatment options then here we can brief you about all of them!

Head Exercises

If the problem of BBPV continues longer, then the person is recommended with head exercises, like Semont and Epley manoeuvres

. Such exercises are performed to add motion to the particles of the semicircular canals from the inner ear to a suitable place where they will not result in vertigo.

Performing such exercises will make your brain more alert towards the signals. This is known as compensation and this process occurs more swiftly if you begin performing normal head movements.

To overcome the problem, a Brandt Drandot exercise may also be performed to boost the compensation process.


As such, there are no medicines proven to cure the ailment of BBPV to the fullest. But medications are supportive to control the symptoms, like spinning, swirling, whirling, and vomiting, and nausea.

Still, your doctor may prescribe you with choice of few medications that may reduce the swirling or spinning. Such medicines are known as vestibular suppressants, like sedatives, scopolamine, and antihistamines.

Even antiemetic medicines might also be used in order to reduce the symptoms like vomiting and nausea that occur with vertigo.


If the problems and issues experienced with BBPV are severe, then your doctor would recommend for an ear surgery. This treatment option is practised for individuals suffering from severe problems of BBPV.

Canalith Repositioning

This treatment is performed in the office of your doctor and the procedure consists of numerous slow and simple manoeuvres

for positioning of the head. The main aim of this treatment is to shift particles from the fluid-filled semicircular canals of the inner ear to a small bag like opening that is present in the otolith organs in the ear. The particles are shifted to this place as it is expected that they will not cause trouble here. Each and every position practised during this session is held for 30 seconds in order to alleviate the symptoms. This treatment leads to effective results in one or two sessions.

Home Remedies

The whirling or spinning of vertigo can be reduced to a great extent by following some home remedies, such as:

  • Use two or more pillows to sleep at night.
  • Avoid sleeping on the side down from the ear that is causing the problem.
  • Wake up slowly in the morning and always rest on the edge of the bed for some time before you stand.
  • You must avoid leaning down to pick up things. Also, you must avoid tipping your head far back in order to look up.
  • Reclining can lead to increase the problem. Hence, it is suggested that you must recline comfortably, especially when you are in a dentist chair or a hair wash salon.
  • Play carefully any sport of your choice that involves turning your head, or leaning over or lying flat on the back.

BBPV ailment can be controlled greatly if identified early. If in case you experience that the problem is severe, then you may consult your doctor immediately to avail the appropriate treatment.